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Victim Protective Orders: Oklahoma City, OK: Martino Law Firm

Often times, Vitcim Protective Orders go hand in hand with alleged domestic assault and battery claims.  The police will advise complainants to seek protective orders if they respond to a call for domestic violence.  The problem is, these VPOs are often misused by spouses, ex-lovers or family members in an effort to kick you out of your home, take your children or for some other vindictive purpose. 

Anyone can seek relief from alleged domestic abuse, stalking or harassment by simply going to the courthouse and filing a petition for a Victim Protective Order.  The Petitioner can write anything they want in the request and unfortunately it is sometimes untrue.  

The allegations contained in a petition like this could cause you to be removed from your home, separated from your children and could place your livelihood at risk.  If the petition is granted by the Court, you could be ordered to leave your home and have no contact with your loved ones for up to five (5) years! 

If a protective order is put in place, you may lose contact with the people you love, including your own children. In fact, if a protective order is put in place and your loved one contacts you, you could still be charged with violating a protective order and sentenced to more time in jail.  Remember, a VPO stays on your record forever.

Don’t go to Court alone to contest these allegations.  The standard used by the Court is not the same as in criminal cases. The petitioner only needs to show proof by a preponderance of the evidence, not beyond a reasonable doubt.  This makes it easier to get a VPO.  You need to hire experienced counsel to help you convey the truth of what occurred to the Judge.  Even if a VPO is granted, I can assist you in minimizing the duration and impact of the Order.