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            Stalking is a form of harassment that is punishable as its own crime in Oklahoma. In this state, it is a crime to repeatedly contact, or maintain contact with, someone that finds it unwelcome. Such efforts to contact someone that doesn’t want to interact with you can make them feel threatened, whether or not you are a dangerous person or a threat to them. Because of this, that person may report you as threatening, may seek a protective order against you, or may press charges against you in an effort to end the contact. It’s important then to know your rights and seek an attorney that can help defend you against such charges.

            In Oklahoma, the willful, malicious and repeated following or harassment of another, in a way that causes the person to feel frightened or afraid, is typically a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail, fines, and court costs that might cost thousands of dollars. If a court has previously ordered someone to stop such behavior, or if they are on probation for stalking or harassment already, then someone can be charged with a felony that could put them in jail up to ten years and pay even greater fines. 

            If someone has accused you of stalking, even before you are charged with a crime, it may be tempting to attempt to respond to the accusation, or even to explain your actions to the person accusing you or to the police. Doing so, however, could make the situation worse for you, resulting not in the accusation going away, but actually helping a case against you. As with most crimes, you are best advised to say nothing more to anyone and seek legal advice. I have extensive experience representing people in this situation, and consultation with me costs you nothing. If you find yourself in a relationship where stalking is an issue, or you are accused of stalking, you should call me today.