Speeding & Non Jailable Traffic Citations: Oklahoma City, OK: Martino Law Firm

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Speeding & Non Jailable Traffic Citations: Oklahoma City, OK: Martino Law Firm

Believe it or not, you can go to jail for speeding in OKlahoma.  Speeding citations charged  under the municipal code carry a fine only, however, if you are found guilty of speeding in a County District Court, you face the possibility of 10 days to 6 months in jail and hefty fines. Not to mention, a conviction even without jail time can cause your insurance premiums to go up costing you thousands of dollars potentially.  You could also have your license suspended by DPS if you have too many speeding tickets.

I can help you contest these tickets.  Although it’s “just a speeding ticket,” you are still presumed to be innocent until you are proven guilty.  The prosecuting attorney still carries the burden to prove that you are guilty beyond a resonable doubt.  Potential defenses include whether or not the officer was correctly trained and certified to use the speed detecting device as well as whether or not said device was calibrated and working properly.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket for something other than speeding, you are also facing the possibility of fines, points and DPS suspensions. Often times, people are issued citations after a car accident, even if the accident was not their fault.  I can help you fight these bogus tickets at trial and protect your driving record and insurance premium.

I am trained in the rules of evidence and can lodeg the appropriate objections at trial to suppress key evidence, possibly resulting in you being found not guilty!