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           There are a number of sexual offense crimes under the laws of the State of Oklahoma. As you may know, there has been a recent focus on prohibiting and forever ending sexual misconduct and prosecuting sex offenses across the nation and in society. Depending upon a number of factors and situations, together with the judgment of zealous prosecutors, encounters from a simple misunderstanding to a forcible sexual assault can result in a person being charged with a sex offense. These crimes, including rape, sexual assault, molestation, lewd and/or lascivious acts, or indecency, are considered among the most severe in our society, they are prosecuted with the most force by prosecutors, and they carry some of the most severe penalties of any crime. In most locations, people have been charged with sex offenses for just using the restroom in a public or semi-public location.

            Online computer activity is also a growing area of concern that is related to sexual offense charges. People may be charged for sex offenses related to pornography and obscenity for sending photographs to others or for improper solicitations. Whether or not you are charged with, or convicted of, a crime may often depend upon your state of mind or that of the person to whom you were communicating at the time of the online message or email that was sent. This means that these cases can sometimes go either way, and it is important to defend them carefully.

            Even if you are not guilty, sex offense charges can be devastating to you personally and professionally. If convicted of a sex offense, you will likely have a prosecutor recommend time in prison to a judge or jury. However, even if you receive a probationary sentence where no jail time is required, state and federal law will require a convicted person to register as a sex offender on public registries for the remainder of your life. If you are convicted and forced to register as a sex offender, it is likely that you will not easily be able to find employment or housing where you choose. You may become subject to harassment and targeting by your community. Further, your opportunities may become limited in every aspect, as there will be places that you will simply not be allowed to go.

            A sex offense charge, or even investigation, is not anything you should take lightly. There is little more serious that you would ever deal with. If you are even suspected of being involved in any criminal sexual offense, I recommend you contact me immediately. Consultation is free, and you should not wait.