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           Perhaps second only to murder, the crime of rape, or sexual assault, is considered to be among the worst by society. Broadly defined, rape is the commission of sexual activities upon another person without their consent. This can occur in instances between adults where one person does not give their consent, or in instances where an adult is involved in a relationship with a child of a certain age and the law establishes that the child cannot give consent. The law of Oklahoma views both circumstances very similar in terms of how they are prosecuted and the punishments associated with them. As in the case of any sexual offense, a rape charge may subject you to long jail sentences, excessive fines and court costs, and the lifetime stigma of being required to register as a sex offender. 

           In today’s cultural climate, an allegation of rape alone can be devastating and make it difficult to ensure that you will receive a fair trial, which is your right. There have been many cases in the news in recent years that have featured an allegation of rape by a victim while the accused suggests that an encounter was consensual. In such a case, it is very important that your lawyer be able to quickly and competently identify the evidence associated with your version of events, communicate with the prosecutors and judge to ensure you are being provided the required level of legal protection that the law demands you have, communicate with you to understand each step of the very serious process you are facing, and to be able to clearly present your case in a way that makes a jury understand the truth while still protecting your rights. 

            Because I am aware of the real threat to you because of a conviction for this crime, I take these responsibilities very seriously. I have years of experience handling criminal matters such as this before the courts of the State of Oklahoma, and I am certain that my expertise can help you in this very challenging, very frightening time in your life. If you are the subject of an investigation for rape, or if you have been charged already, do not hesitate another moment to contact me. Consultation is free, and delay on your part, or communication with anyone other than a lawyer, could jeopardize your defense and ultimately your freedom.