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           In Oklahoma, vandalism is covered by a number of statutes, each with its own elements and range of punishment. One crime associated with vandalism is the intentional or malicious destruction of property. This crime may be a misdemeanor, if the damaged property value is less than $1,000, or a felony, if the damage value is greater than $1,000. This crime may be charged against you by authorities in circumstances ranging from a truly evil act of destruction of another’s property, such as their home, their vehicle, or their business location, or from more innocent events that were intentional, yet happened to result in the damaged property.

            One of the most common situations in which this crime may be charged involves youthful offenders who have attempted a prank upon a friend or acquaintance, which results in destruction of things such as home windows, landscaping, or vehicles. While such behavior may not truly be intentionally cruel or designed to harm, an intentional action, rather than a simple accident, combined with damage to another’s property could convince prosecutors to charge you with this crime. If handled improperly, or with the assumption that such things are attributable to youthful exuberance or mischief, such charges can impact a person’s opportunity for employment, admission to school, admission to the military, or legal standing if they are already on probation or other scrutiny.

            I recognize the importance of handling charges like this in a way that protects your interests beyond the justice system. As your advocate and your lawyer, I will take an investigative approach to identify your circumstance for what it is, and to present the evidence necessary to ensure not only a good result in court, but one that will best allow you to resume your career, education, or other interests, when they should not be foreclosed to you because of an accident or a simple decision that went wrong. In addition, I have the experience necessary to defend you from the overzealous prosecution that cases like this often attract, so that a charge of malicious destruction of property does not burden you once your case is over.

            Please take the time today to contact me if you have been charged with this, or any, crime of vandalism. Consultation costs you nothing, and I am certain I can help you to a good outcome.