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           Oklahoma has a number of laws prohibiting against the harassment of another. However, this is a bit of a legal term of art and, if you are charged with harassment, you need a lawyer with experience to help navigate the tricky elements of the crime in your defense. Generally speaking, Oklahoma law prohibits any action that reasonably puts another in fear of danger. Often, the victim of a harassment crime will engage in prior reporting – to the police, to family members, to courts such as family courts handling a divorce proceeding, or to other state or federal agencies, before an event triggers an arrest and charge for harassment.

            The two most prominent crimes of harassment involve stalking and cyber-harassment or cyber-bullying. Stalking has long been a crime in many states, including Oklahoma. Cyber-harassment and cyber-bullying, or online bullying, is a newer area of law, which is largely undefined and developing. If someone feels legitimately threatened or a person bullies another online after a conviction for another harassment-related crime, then a prosecutor could file charges for cyber-harassment. To defend against these charges, it’s important to show there was no action for which the victim should have felt threatened, that they did not actually feel threatened, or that it was not reasonable for them to feel threatened.

            Most harassment charges will be misdemeanors, unless and until someone convicted of harassing is convicted of multiple crimes of this nature. If repeated behavior of this nature is indicated, or is of concern, it may be likely and even recommended that you participate in mental health counseling or other treatment and therapy necessary to alleviate the situation so that no further harm is done to a victim and so that you do not ultimately commit another crime or worse. As your attorney, I have the experience necessary to assist you in not only the criminal justice proceedings, but in finding the right counselor or medical provider that will assist you as well. This will help protect your rights in the pending criminal action against you, and best set you up for a clean record in the future, it will help ensure your success free of the justice system, once your case has concluded.