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Expungement of Criminal Records: Oklahoma City, OK: Martino Law Firm

We live in a digital world.  Everything is accessible to the public online with a simple click of the mouse.  If you’re applying for a job, a loan or a government clearance, you can bet that a full background investigation will be conducted into your past.

If you've had a criminal charge dismissed, you’ve received a dismissal after successful completion of a deferred sentence, you’ve been found not guilty by a court/jury, or even if you’ve been convicted in certain circumstances, you may be entitled under Oklahoma Statute 22 O.S. 18-19  to have all evidence of that offense expunged and sealed from the public view records of the law enforcement agency, the court and any other agency that entered information into its records as a result of that offense. If you do not apply for expungement, these cases remain on record within the criminal justice system and are open to public view.

I can help you clear these negative entries from your permanent record. To work with an experienced criminal defense attorney, who understands what is required to seek an expungement, contact me for a free consultation.

I can assist you in filing your petition for expungement. I will handle the "red tape" and assist you in filing the required motions with the Court. I will ensure that the process is properly completed, and obtain the required information that you may not have access to or are unable to obtain. I will follow your petition/application through the entire process to completion, getting the result you need.