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Domestic Violence Defense | Oklahoma City, OK

Domestic violence laws pose unique challenges to defendants. It is possible to be arrested, charged and convicted in a domestic abuse case where the other party was equally at fault in the argument or there was an innocent explanation. Furthermore, the District Attorney is the one who presses charges, not the alleged victim(s). This means that you can be convicted of domestic abuse even if the alleged victim says you never committed it.

Oklahoma DAs do not take domestic violence charges lightly and neither should you. Rest assured, I will use more than a decade of experience to fight your domestic abuse charges. Over the years, I have obtained numerous acquittals, dismissals and favorable plea bargains for clients facing domestic violence charges.

Domestic violence charges often have consequences beyond time in jail and fines. If a protective order is put in place, you may lose contact with the people you love, including your own children. In fact, if a protective order is put in place and your loved one contacts you, you could still be charged with violating a protective order and sentenced to more time in jail.

It is important to make strategic decisions today to protect your future, your freedom and your custody rights. I can help you take the right steps, whether that means seeking a pretrial diversion program or exposing the weaknesses in the prosecution's case against you in order to get your charges reduced or dismissed.