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One of the most devastating crimes that you can be charged with is writing, issuing, or passing fraudulent, bogus, or “bad” checks for payment to another person or business. First, conviction for these charges not only carries potential jail time, but it also carries the likelihood that you will be required to pay restitution – money to repay the damages claimed by the victim of the crime – on top of already steep court costs, fines, and expenses. This can then impact your monthly and annual budget, which then can impact your ability to pay other bills that you are required to pay.

Second, being charged with this crime alone carries a stigma that we must fight every step of the way through the justice system and beyond. Did you know that you could be charged with writing bad checks even in circumstances where you wrote a check anticipating it wouldn’t be cashed until your employer deposited your paycheck into your bank, or worse, in instances where the employer simply made a mistake and failed to make that deposit on time? While those events aren’t your fault, and are certainly not any intentional act to commit fraud or steal from someone, it doesn’t automatically mean that you won’t be charged by prosecutors. It also means that you should fight those charges in those circumstances, and I can help you win that fight.

In considering who you want to hire as your attorney for these charges, you should hire someone with the experience to know how your circumstance will be seen by not only the district attorney, but also the judge, the jury, and society at large, once the case has been resolved. In addition, you want someone who will best put you in position to have your record cleared of all charges and any public mention once you have been cleared of the crime or served any probationary period.

Don’t let this serious charge go unanswered, and don’t try to resolve it on your own because you can make your situation worse by speaking on your own behalf with prosecutors or the court. I have the experience necessary to defend you at all stages of the process you will face, and I can assure you of the results I have gotten for others on matters just like this. It costs you nothing to speak with me to discuss your case, and if you can take time to do so, call me today.