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John Martino

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Criminal Defense, DUI/DWI, and Traffic Defense Attorney based in Oklahoma City, OK


                Being accused of a crime is a serious matter.  The consequences of losing the legal battle could mean the loss of your freedom or worse.  The American Justice System requires the State to carry the burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  You are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.  Do not settle for anything less than a criminal/DUI defense attorney who has tried hundreds of criminal/DUI cases with more than a decade of experience.   That is what you will find at The Martino Law Firm.

                I pride myself on working tirelessly and aggressively to win my clients’ cases. Let me prove it to you in a free consultation.  I will take the time to personally meet with you face to face, listen to your situation and help you understand the possibly challenges you are facing and solutions I can provide.

                Don’t wait until it’s too late! Delaying or even denying yourself the counsel and strength we can provide could have life changing consequences.  Call today and speak to me directly so that I can begin to help you protect your freedom, life and family.

                Services are based on a flat fee model, which means you don’t have to guess at how much our services will cost you in the long run.  It also means that you get the attention you need from me and my staff without incurring an hourly charge.  And my consultations are always free!

                What sets me apart?

                   REPUTATION:  I am known for being committed to understanding my clients’ circumstances and personal lives so that I can effectively and aggressively attack each case with the knowledge & skill in the field of DUI/DWI & criminal defense law. My reputation among my peers is a testament to my skill and ability to help you reach your goals.

                EXPERIENCE: More than a decade of experience practicing DUI/DWI, criminal and traffic defense places me among the elite criminal defense attorneys in the State.  I have represented over 3000 clients in any and all types of criminal and traffic cases throughout my career. I use a comprehensive approach to trial strategy with aggressive and tenacious representation to help ensure that you achieve a positive outcome in your case.

                THOROUGH: Not only will I use all of my resources in helping clients to walk away with a clean record,  if and when eligible, I will ensure that an expungement of your case is filed to seal it from public view as though it never even happened!  I care about my clients and provide full service representation from start to finish in your case. My relationship with my clients does not end when your case is over. I am always available to answer questions about your case.

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